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On 02, Jul 2015 | In | By peter

Off Top/Dave East (Interview+Freestyle)

Dave East talks 90’s rap, DMX, meeting Nas, and the XXL Freshmen Cover in “Off Top”

“Off Top” is a new interview series from lifestyle brand Kinship and directors Prime Cut. Each episode features artists on their home turf, with the goal of discovering something new.

On 17, Jun 2015 | In | By peter

Dave East – Once Again It’s On Freestyle

Title: Once Again It’s On Freestyle
Artist: Dave East
Song Production: D-Dot
Cinematography: Prime Cut
Shot On: Canon 7D

On 15, Apr 2015 | In | By peter

Kiza – Stuck With Me

Title: Stuck With Me
Artist: Kiza
Song Production: Scott Supreme
Project: “C.O.K.E.” Mixtape
Cinematography: CleverChimp
Shot On: Sony a7S

On 22, Oct 2014 | In | By peter

Serius Jones – She Knows

Title: She Knows
Artist: Serius Jones
Song Production: Lil Rick
Project: “Serius Bizness 2” Mixtape
Cinematography: Christopher Toppino
Shot On: Canon 7D
Production Design: Monica Mayorga

On 03, Jun 2014 | In | By peter

Kenny Ali – Get From Round Me

Title: Get From Round Me
Artist: Kenny Ali
Song Production: Kenny Ali
Project: “Get From Round Me” EP
Cinematography: Michael Rossetti
Shot On: Canon 7D

On 20, May 2013 | In | By peter

Sway Boogie – Nothing But a Dog (feat. KlairKia)

Title: Nothing But a Dog
Artist: Sway Boogie (feat. KlairKia)
Song Production: Divine Young
Cinematography: Matthew Novak
Shot On: Canon 7D

On 25, Oct 2012 | In | By peter

JTRIP – My Girl/Wonder Woman

Title: My Girl/Wonder Woman
Artist: JTRIP
Song Production: Kevin Deane & Daniel Plante/J. AL & Randall Thomas
Project: “Take U There” EP
Cinematography: Matthew Novak
Shot On: Canon 7D

On 27, Jun 2012 | In | By peter

REKS – Unlearn

Title: Unlearn
Artist: REKS
Song Production: Numonics
Project: “Rebelutionary” Album
Cinematography: Matthew Novak
Shot On: Canon 7D

On 27, Apr 2012 | In | By peter

Misk – Boxed Out (feat. Block McCloud & Kromeatose)

Title: Boxed Out
Artist: Misk (feat. Block McCloud & Kromeatose)
Song Production: Delorian DLR
Cinematography: Matthew Novak
Shot On: Canon 7D